Papercutting DIY Kit (Over 18s)

Aimee Clements

An amazing kit to offer you the chance to try a fabulous craft. Includes everything you need to start, in addition to starter sheets and instructions. Brilliant to purchase for yourself or as a gift.

Anna Wiltshire

This is such an amazing kit. I bought mine 4 years ago and have never looked back. I'm addicted to paper cutting now. The kit is well put together and the instructions are clear (and fun) buy this and you won't be sorry :)


I received this kit as a birthday present. I LOVED it! So many different items to practice on and start to build up a skills base. Clear instructions and lots of kit to start you off.

Zoe Brear

A comprehensive kit, it has everything you need to get started on a paper cutting adventure! The practice sheets are great for teaching you the basics and there is some beautiful templates to get you started with some real projects too.

Abby Knowles

A wonderful kit with everything you need to get started in the world of papercutting all accompanied with clear instructions which will make you chuckle and let you know we all start in the same place. It has a huge range of project ideas from cards to keyrings which gives you a real sense of all the possibilities papercutting offers. A real best buy and brilliant introduction to papercutting. If you're a paper panda fan and already cut I'd recommend getting the digital download option to get hold of the templates in this kit. Some of which aren't available elsewhere.


After following and loving PP’s work, I requested her kit for Christmas/Birthday, and got it - yay! A high quality Sheffield Steel bladed scalpel tool (very nicely weighted and gripped) along with 50 more blades, instructions (included safety - thanks!) - and also a cute badge, and a key-ring and coaster that I can insert cuts into once I’m more practised/successful. You could even gift those, if you wanted, for a personalised present. Love it. Lots of thought has gone into it. Thanks, PP/Lou/PPteam x

Michelle McGuire

Absolutely brilliant. Everything you need to start papercutting. The info sheet is invaluable. The starter cuts give you all the practice cuts you will need. Arrives very quickly. And paper panda are a great group of people , always willing to help with any queries.

Sarah Craker

This brilliant kit has everything you need to start you off papercutting. Lovely templates, concise instructions and guidance and all the tools you need too. Wonderful as a gift too!

Carmel breffit

Fantastic starter set everything you need to see if this is the ideal craft to start at a great price.

Beckie Parsons

This kit is how I really got hooked by papercutting. The 'how to' sheet covers everything you could need to know to get you started in this addictive art form. With a fabulous selection of templates to get stuck into as soon as you've got through the practice sheet, you'll soon have lots of beautiful things to hang on your wall or gift to your loved ones. There really is everything you need to get started. I still wear my badge with pride too.

Louise Edgar

I've only had this less than a week and already love it! This is a fantastic kit for any beginner. I have no craft experience what so ever just fancied giving it a go. Inside the kit comes all you need. A mat, blades and very easy to follow guides to go with the templates. Within the first few hours I was cutting away at the larger templates and completely hooked. If you fancy giving paper cutting a go pop an order in. Great for people with craft experience and folk like me who have none. You won't regret it! :D

Laura Davies

I purchased this kit 2 years ago and it was amazing, came with everything to get me started and the templates are beautiful. Since then I haven’t stopped cutting. If you are thinking of giving Papercutting a try this is definitely the right kit to get you started :)


Completely perfect kit for beginners and great for intermediate too! I find myself coming back to a lot of the designs in this kit because they are classic - the coasters are amazing too and I always get compliments on them :)

Gemma Myatt

This is the perfect kit for either a beginner, or for someone who is a little out of practice and wants to go back to basics. Everything you might need, plus a wonderful guide with a few special hints and tips. I actually brought it twice I love it that much! :D

Karen Knight

Wanted to try Papercutting for a while but kept putting it off but then I bought this kit. It is always best to have the right equipment and this kit contains everything you need to practice and make cards, key ring and coaster and other cuts. Only thing keeping me from continuing using the kit is a broken wrist but will go back to it when I am better

Jess Smalley

I bought this kit on recommendation from a fellow! It absolutely is essential for you to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of papercutting. The templates are incredibly beautiful, easy to follow with the guides and great to gift to friends. They really have thought of everything. Buy it now and get cutting!

Jennifer Clachrie

Highly recommend this starter kit. It has everything you need to start your papercutting journey.

Jo Horton

My husband bought this for me after some (not so) subtle hints and Facebook tags! I absolutely love it! There is so much in the box and fabulous value for money! Really good instructions. I would defiantly recommend to anyone who wants to give paper cutting a go! Xxx thank you paper-panda for making this kit!


I bought the beginners kit a while ago and I loved it. I've done lots of different crafts but was dubious about trying paper cutting as I'm a huge clutz and was worried I'd lose a few digits/accidentally bleed myself like an old school doctor. The kit was great and had all the bits to get started and included some really helpful tips and a nice gradual progression in difficulty with the practice stuff! I would definitely recommend the kit to anyone that's craftily inclined and would like to give it a go. I've given some of the finished samples to friends/family as gifts and they all loved them. I also successfully managed not to mame myself (hurrah!), so if I can do it anyone can :)


Love, love this kit so much so I would buy another if I could sneak it past the devil - I mean hubby ;) Value is amazing, quality is pawesome!

Julie Chalk

Got this as a christmas present and I absolutely love it, had wanted to have a go for a long time, there is everything you need and its a great starter kit. I would recommend anyone who wants to try this craft gets this kit!

Katrina Locke

I bought the papercutting DIY kit a few years ago now and it has everything you need to start. The instructions are very clear and it builds up your skills in steps and you end up with a few beautiful papercuts at the end! I found this kit which introduced me to Paper Panda and at the last count I have over 70 PP templates so just a warning... It's addictive! Excellent value for money and beautifully presented :)

Joanne Hestet

Bought this as a gift for myself as I have wanted to try paper cutting for so long thanks to Paper Panda! So glad I did, the kit is excellent, everything you need to get started. Superb quality tools, clear instructions with a very handy practice sheet to get you started. I have completed the keyring and a couple of the cards (with no accidents) and received many compliments on the completed pieces. I would highly recommend this kit.

Jane Dunkley

This amazing kit started me on my paper cutting journey. It has everything that you need to start from the beginning and comprehensive instructions. I highly recommend this as a gift to any crafter or as a treat to yourself. Be warned, it will start you on a hobby that can be very obsessive and very rewarding. I love it!!!

Helen Dunleavy

I found this company through their facebook group. After lots of advice, I bought this beginner kit and my love of the hobby began. Clear instructions, testing pages and printed templates on good quality paper to cut out. Then you get blades, handle cutting mat and you get a keyring and a coaster to put 2 of the cuts into. A definite must for a beginner

Sandie Sinkins

I found Paper Panda through Face Book I loved the cuttings she did, and I thought I’d love to try this so I bought the kit and it was so well laid out the instructions were clear and easy to follow. The paper and templates were of top quality. Also with this company they are always available to help and guide with any problems you have. I would definitely recommend this kit as a gift or maybe just for yourself, but beware it’s very addictive.

Rebecca Drake

I treated myself when I was sofa-bound five years ago and I have not stopped cutting since! The kit contains everything you need to get started and the instructions are simple, friendly and hilarious. And the badge is essential wearing! Superb value, highly recommend, but be warned - you won't have time for any other hobbies!

Janine Parkes

I started on my papercutting journey about 4 years ago with the old version of this kit! Since then it has only gone from strength to strength. I loved the simple steps you are taken through that increase your confidence bit by bit. Alongside the fabulous Panda’s helpful hints-always cute, often funny-the templates are varied and suit all tastes. I love this craft and have recommended this kit to so many of my friends who have seen what I do and wanted to learn how!

Elaine Dolan

This is a great kit for beginners. Loved trying it out, easier than it looks. Especially having all the practice designs. Great for a gift too... something different. Love my kit... nice way to relax and unwind.

Gemma Burcham

Ordered this kit and it actually took me over a year to start using it, but once I did, I was hooked! This kit contains EVERYTHING you need to get you started on your papercutting journey and is really good value for money. I would highly recommend this product.

Helen Park

This kit is fantastic! Everything you need to start paper cutting. The very talented Paper Panda

Lucy O'Keeffe

My friend had been paper cutting for a while and suggested I get this kit. I had never done anything like it before and wasn't sure Id be any good at it but this kit is PERFECT for complete beginners. From just using this kit I went from not having a clue to feeling confident in paper cutting and progressing onto harder templates. Now I love cutting!!

Vikki Johnson

I bought this kit about 6yrs ago and never looked back. It was a great starting point as I had wanted to try paper cutting and cane across Paper Panda. Many years later and lots of templates purchased from Paper Panda too I've grown in skill and confidence from starting with this kit. It has clear instructions and everything you need to start with lots of practice sheets to practice on. I would recommend this kit to anyone wanting to try paper cutting as it has everything you need to start this fantastic craft.

Tracey McLeod

This kit really has everything you need to become addicted to papercutting. The templates are printed on quality paper and are just challenging enough.. Beautifully presented it makes an ideal gift or a treat for yourself.

Lynn Childs

When I first started seeing paper cuts I was fascinated. I desperately wanted to have a go at this but didn't know where to start. I ordered a starter kit from PP. It arrived really quickly and with trepidation, I had a go. The kit is so easy to follow - it has all the instructions that you need and all of the equipment. The designs are easy to cut and look fab when finished (if a little wobbly !!). I would highly recommend this kit to anyone who wants to try paper cutting. It's a great hobby to have.

June Rae

Didn’t buy this myself was a present from my daughter as I had admired all the paper cuts she had done as cards and pictures over time. I am thrilled with it and am practicing to get as good as my daughter!


Warning!!! This is addictive! I absolutely fell in love with papercutting and once I'd bought this kit I was hooked! Amazing templates and advice to get you started..... then there's no stopping!

Amanda Harmsworth

I’ve had a couple of these, the latest being my fave! It’s truly the best to use to get started in the art of paper cutting! ❤️ Paper Panda ❤️


I got this for Christmas and I’ve worked through the practice sheet and done my first proper papercut. The kit comes with everything you need and the practice sheet is brilliant. It’s printed on high quality paper which makes the cutting so much easier

Simone Roberts

Fab kit. Beautifully packaged, delivered promptly and came with a lovely personal note on the invoice :) I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to give papercutting a go. I've really enjoyed using this kit and getting to grips with this craft. Its soooo addictive. Thank you.

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Our best selling complete Beginners Kit, beautifully presented and including everything you need to get started with this fabulous craft!

1 x A4 self healing cutting mat
1 x Stainless steel Swann Morton handle with ACM11 blade
50 x Swann Morton ACM11 craft blades
1 x 'how to Panda stylee' instruction sheet
1 x Keyring blank - additional keyring blanks are also available 
here (£1 each)
1 x Coaster blank - additional coaster blanks are also available
 here (£1.50 each)
1 x Panda Trainee badge (absolutely essential!)
Templates printed onto high quality 160gsm paper:
A4 Practice sheet
Mr & Mrs Bird place cards
Cupcake card template
Happy Birthday Woodland Friends card
With Love card
Love bird template
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star template
'But first, coffee' coaster template
'A nice cuppa tea' coaster template
Bookmark template
Bee Happy template
Home Sweet Home keyring template
Antique Key keyring template
Jess & Brown Bear template
Love Bunnies template
Bunny & Bird Template
Mouse on a balloon template

These templates are also available separately as a digital file here. The original kit from 2014/15 is available as a digital file here.

Please note you have to be 18 or over to purchase and use. *By purchasing this kit you have confirmed you are of a legal age to purchase and use this item.* The materials may vary ever so slightly but will always be of good quality.

** SAFETY FIRST, PLEASE READ: In your pack, you have a VERY sharp blade in your handle and a box of 50 ACM blades. Don’t touch them. They WILL cut you very easily so please be careful and use forceps or similar tool when changing the blade. As always keep out of reach of children, pets and store safely. Always respect your blade. You can dispose of them using a sharps box from your local chemist or your doctor can dispose of them for your safety. 

Due to the nature of the item, returns are no longer accepted on kit items.

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